We love our wedding film, I cannot stop watching it!
— Abigail Doherty

We create short and sweet montages, usually set to your first dance song or another track that's meaningful to you both. We like to film in a documentary style, catching candid moments and small details to truly capture the essence and what made your day unique. 


We pride ourselves on our signature look and feel. We film the entire day in a high frame rate so that we can slow down every shot and draw out the tiniest moments, looks and smiles to truly capture the emotions you felt during your special day.

Our documentary-style approach allows us to work virtually unnoticed by simply observing you both go through all the emotions that come with a wedding without directing or forcing moments to happen - all the best stuff happens naturally!

Below you can see examples of our work and please do check back again as we upload new films regularly. 

Kind Words

The video that Callum created was beautiful - it captured every tender moment and truly reflected the happiness both Dan and I were feeling on the day.
— Charlotte Booth, 2016
You can’t choose anyone but Pretlove & Co. Callum was punctual, non invasive, captured everything, right until his knuckles were blue from the evening air and was even supportive when the nerves hit! So glad we decided to video our day, now we can relive it over and over again.
— Ashley Paris

So many happy memories from our wedding day... Cannot help but smile from ear to ear every time I watch this.
— Abby Kreibich

Start Your Journey with Pretlove & Co

We never want to compromise the quality of our work and customer service so we only accept a limited number of bookings each year. Please make sure you get in touch as early as you can to see if we are available for your date!