Why should we film our wedding?

Ever since I started filming weddings the one thing I get told the most is 'oh I wish I had my wedding filmed, it was my biggest regret' and the one thing I get told the most from couples that book me is 'it was the best thing I spent my money on'.

Your wedding day really does go so quickly, people spend a lot of money on their wedding day, they will always have a photographer, but bafflingly some choose not to have a wedding film or they 'didn't budget for it'. I always sound like I am selling it to people when I say it but you will regret not budgeting for it, photographs don't capture the sounds, the speeches, the vows and they can't be formatted into something you can watch over and over again.

The day flies by, I am there to make sure every element of that day remains on film, the sound of the guests mingling, the laughs, the congratulations, the cheers, all put to a beautifully selected soundtrack that suits your day and edited in a way that looks like a cinematic movie. 

I cannot express enough how much I believe every couple should have one, that's not said because I want people to pay me to do it, it's said because I genuinely believe they are the best way to bring your day back to life.

How do we pay you?

To book we take a 20% deposit, you don't have to pay in full until one month prior to the wedding, but you can pay in up to three instalments if you prefer.

Although we do the occasional competition, we do not offer discounts. Yes there might be cheaper wedding studios but we believe in our product and if you take the time to look at the quality of the shots and filmmaking of these cheaper options, there will be a big difference in the quality and care taken.

We are perfectionists and we want to love the work we produce and our price reflects that.

Can we choose the music for our film?

Unfortunately you cannot choose your own music. Sadly, artist’s like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay won’t let you and me borrow their song for your wedding film - I wish!

Plus, it's all part of the creative process and what I think you’re paying me for. I learn who you are and I feel your day and I select music that suits the emotion and memory of those moments. I only use professionally licensed music suppliers that create music specifically for film & video. I spend a lot of time looking for the right music and it’s also part of what’s unique about our style and choosing Pretlove & Co.

We can arrive whenever you want but usually we work from the beginning of bridal prep until a little way after your first dance. Then we leave you to party!

How long do you stay?

Yes please, we will usually sit down to eat when you do. If you speak to the venue they will normally have a system in place for this. If it’s difficult, let us know and we can bring something along. P.S Jake is veggie. Callum will eat anything.

Do you need food?

Please refer to: Wedding Photography & Videography Tips & Tricks for the Bride & Groom.

What can we do to make our film the best it can possibly be?

Yes! As much as me and Jake love to work together we both have worked with many other photographers and videographers. We love meeting other people in our industry and have plenty of people we can recommend should you need any advice.

Do you work with other Photographers & Videographers?

We try to produce the 1 minute trailer ASAP, usually within three weeks. We will provide you with an video file via WeTransfer for you to upload to Facebook and Instagram. We will then produce your main film within 2-3 months of the wedding, again as a video file for you to upload.

Once you have received both of these, we will package everything up beautifully and send it to you on a USB stick. We can also provide the film, speeches and trailer on DVD’s.

When will we receive our wedding film?